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Interview – Doug Marcaida – Into the Flame

Doug Marcaida Into The Flame RMSC

Interview – Doug Marcaida – Into the Flame. Blog it style… I woke up quite early today. I wish I could say blade sharp but three hours of sleep under my belt. I’m not feeling as sharp as I’d prefer. Maybe I have sleep insomnia. I should look into that. On a brutally cold and random side note,  If you have ever lived […]

Into the Flame feat. Doug Marcaida

Doug Marcaida Into The Flame RMSC

January 7th 2017 (Saturday) From 11AM to 2PM Explore the power of fire through the weapons and arts it can create. Come experience this special new one-day program included in museum admission: Experience a martial arts show Meet-and-greet with History Channel “Forged in Fire” judge Doug Marcaida Explore fire-related arts with Rochester Arc & Flame Kids […]

Welcome to the official Doug Marcaida website

Doug Marcaida Pixels

Welcome to all our members, supporters and new visitors MK is pleased to welcome you to the brand new and improved Doug Marcaida website. The official Doug Marcaida website not only has new features like safe and secure online shopping, but also an up to date touring schedule. We have updated the look of the website and improved ease of access to our products and videos. Also in […]