DM Dragon Claw Key Chain

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Dragon Claw Key Chain

Marcaida Kali Dragon Claw Key Chain by Ka Chirico.

Why the Dragon Claw Key Chain? A weapon is only as good as it’s availability in the time of need. Hence, a solution…

Weather it’s walking to or from your vehicle, your job, your home. May it be jogging or while simply going for a walk. Don’t allow yourself or your loved ones to be caught off guard in an attack situation. Allow them to be on guard and ready with the Marcaida Kali Dragon Claw Key Chain in hand.

Especially relevant, to each of us, is the concern for personal protection and/or the protection of our loved ones. While, Always be aware of your surroundings is something often in martial arts. Also, tactical training seminars but, what happens when your caught off guard?

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Ka Chirico a long time student of Kuya Doug Marcaida came up with a cool idea. First, a discreet and non-lethal tool that could help aid in some ones self defense. Also, effective in dealing with a sudden sneak or surprise attack. Lastly, something that not only you could carry but you would carry with you all the time. A discreet weaponized key chain. Cool custom art that is fashionable, practical and non metallic.

In conclusion, You could draw upon the claw quickly or walk with it in hand. Always armed and rather ready. It is has a bit of a “coolness” factor to it and although it is fashionable it remains highly effective. The Dragon Claw Key Chain is made out of high impact resin. Artistically cast and made to look like the claw of a dragon. Most of all, Always be ready. Hook, control, pass jab and hammer punch your way out of the danger zone.

  • Made with High Impact Resin
  • Cast and Hand Sculpted
  • Cool, Custom Art
  • Fashionable & Discrete
  • Non-Metallic
  • Highly Effective
  • Available in all Black Dragon Claw or Black and White Custom Reaper

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