Marcaida Kali Filipino Martial Arts Methodology Workshop


Marcaida Kali Filipino Martial Arts Methodology Workshop

Marcaida Kali Filipino Martial Arts Methodology Workshop

*Limited Space – Reserve your spot online now or Pay Cash/Credit at the door subject to availability. Cash at the door price is $50.00


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If the students are a reflection of their teacher, then these guys make me look good. The Marcaida Kali team in Rochester NY is made up of skilled good men who I have known as brothers aside from my biological brothers in it. Some of us have been training together for over 15 to 18 years. It’s what we love to do. In that time I have seen their skills Match mine and in their own individual ways exceed me. There is nothing more satisfying than to see your students surpass your teachings. But a lot of this is not from me. Its theirs to claim and promote.
It’s not the system or teacher, it’s always the student who makes the art. It’s the student who is disciplined to train day in day out for years and years . Not the teach. It’s the student who makes the sacrifices to show up and find ways to pay for classes and equipment. Not the teacher.
It’s the student who supports the class who in ways are his family outside of his own family that finds ways to sacrifice their time away from their other family and friends. But there comes a time in their development that the student has to become the teacher so that they grow and form their own system.
This is what I encourage what Marcaida Kali is about.
It’s a method. A mindset that is yours to develop and later call your own. It’s time for these guys to start making their own system. For now they have decided to teach and we are open to share what we know to others who want to enjoy our passion and develop their own.

This August 10 2019, at the Webster Recreation Center from 10nam to 3pm ( Suburb of Rochester NY)

We are opening our doors for anyone and all levels who want to join in and try out what we do. If you can do what these guys do then join the fun. Uf you cant then there is something for us to share with you and we look forward to expanding our “family and friends ” all over. I dont get to to seminars because of time but what I do isnt dependent on me but is there passed through these guys. -Kuya Doug Marcaida

Contact: [email protected] for more information and or questions you may have regarding this or any other event.

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