DMAX II Karambit

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DMaX II Karambit

The DMaX II is the second generation DMaX.
Solid, tough and durable with an entirely new bead-blasted look.
Extraordinary versatility and outstanding ergonomic feel.
A multi-purposeful every day carry. 
The DMaX II Fighter will tackle both your everyday utility need as well as providing you with the security of a potent, low profile self-defense tool.

The DMaX II ships complete and includes a reliable tough and rugged hand fitted Kydex sheath accompanied with black para-cord, length sized enough for neck draw/carry.

The DMaX II is the answer to a much requested question, …Can I please purchase the DMaX separately from the DMaX trainer!?

The answer now is.. yes! with the DMaX II.

The DMaX II was made to be a cost efficient alternative to the DMaX Fighter/Trainer Combo therefore the DMaX II does not come with the trainer. No Training knife. 

In addition to the absence of a training knife and being a more cost effective alternative to the original DMaX Fighter/Trainer Combo, what else makes the DMaX II different?

First, we start by transitioning from S35VN to Nitro-V steel. We then, go from a double sided grind to a razor sharp single side chisel grind and exchanged the original DMaX fighter coating for a laser mark and new bead-blasted look.

Extraordinary versatility along with an outstanding ergonomic feel and fresh new look! DMaX II.

DMaX II Specs:

  • 6.5 inch OAL, 2.3 inch BL
  • Nitro-V Steel
  • The DMaX is small enough and light enough to carry every day, and BIG enough to fight with.
  • ONLY train under the direct supervision of a qualified professional!


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