MK Ultimate Training Combo

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MK Ultimate Training Combo – Sticks, Swords, Karambits & Straight Blades

Everything you need to maximize your training experience. With Aluminum training knives and swords you can get a more realistic respect to your martial training as opposed to flimsy or rubbery training knives. Aluminum trainer can also assist in better understanding of hooking, control, pain compliance and other applications.

  • (2) MK Bolo Training Swords !BOLO OVERALL LENGTH 22.75″BOLO BLADE LENGTH 15.75″
  • (2) Ultimate Training Karambit !
  • (2) Flo Tac Straight Blade Trainer !
  • (2) Rattan Kali Escrima Sticks !
  • *Note: The rattan sticks are skinny and dense. Very good quality. Roughly 18-25 mm diameter Tahiti Rattan Natural Finish NOT ringed as shown in picture*

All Marcaida Kali training swords and knives are solid aluminum. Smooth, beveled, balanced & polished to a brilliant finish.

Train Espada Y Daga (Sword & Knife) & learn the ways of the Karambit while training safely with high quality MK Aluminum Trainers.

The MK Aluminum Trainers have a high quality finish and beveled point for a more realistic training experience. Excellent for Martial Artists or Law Enforcement training