RMSC- Into the Flame | Day of the event

Doug Marcaida Into The Flame RMSC

RSMC –  Into the Flame | Day of the event

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January 7th 2017,

Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC) today hosted Kuya Doug Marcaida, as well as Michael Krupnicki, the Owner/Drector of Rochester Arc and Flame Center.

RSMC –  Into the Flame | Day of the event | Part  I

The day’s event was broken up into two parts. Part I, was in the morning. Part II, was in the early afternoon. The structure, the same. First, discussion and demos. That, to be followed by an open question-answer session with the audience. Lastly, a meet and greet, where fans were provided an excellent opportunity for one on one time with Doug as well as, the opportunity for autographs and various memorabilia’s signed.

The morning session filled up quickly. Literally, with nowhere left to sit, large crowds began forming in the entrance doorways where Doug was to present. Hence, creating a bit of a safety concern for staff.

The event began with Doug passionately speaking about his love for Kali, martial arts, and all arts as a whole. Doug talked about different weapons and their attributes and also gave way to Kuya Chris and myself for some of the demonstration and presentation.

Doug also, talked about his role as the official weapons expert judge on History Channel’s Forged in Fire. Therefore, sharing some ins and outs of his experience off camera and on the set.

During the meet and greet, martial art fans and fans of the show alike, enthusiastically lined up for their chance to get autographs and pictures with Doug.

RSMC –  Into the Flame | Day of the event | Part II

After a short break for lunch, as well as staff moving us to a larger auditorium. Which by the way, also filled up to maximum capacity. If you were not already in that auditorium, you were not getting in.

Kuya Doug continued on a more in-depth talk about his experience on our favorite show Forged in Fire! Furthermore, touching upon some of the more positive aspects as well as, personal truths in regards to training and teaching weapons arts that (In my opinion) many people overlook.

Smoothly, Doug then transitions over into live flow demonstrations with his senior Instructors that he likes to call conversations. Smile.

Again, Kuya Chris Manns, myself and Ka Jesse Landes were on hand for various demonstrations that Doug had in store for the audience. Where, even we (the instructors) don’t know what Doug is planning. In case you the reader are unaware, we, the instructors of MK never know what Doug is going to do while on stage. There is never a script with Doug. It is always about the flow.

First, Ka Jesse showed off his skills with double baston then, Kuya Chris went on to demonstrate knife, single stick and empty hand techniques. Next, I rounded things out with lock flow and patterns of movment with Kuya Doug (where I was on the receiving end, Yay, I’m awake now!!) Also making an appearance on stage with Doug were senior students Brendan Hanson and Steve Pickett. Kuya Doug utilized the help of his students and instructors, that he has taught, to demonstrate how weapons are used to train martial motion, control, discipline, coordination and general wellness overall.

Rochester Arc and Flame

Towards the end of the event, Mike Krupnicki joined Doug on stage. Soliciting the help of three large guys to block anyone from leaving the closed auditorium which again was fully packed. He (Krupnicki) jokingly proceeds, with cell phone in hand, to text his agent saying something out loud along the lines of: PLEASE – FOR – FUTURE – REFERENCE- DO – NOT – HAVE – ME – FOLLOW – MARCAIDA – PRESENTATION – AGAIN – THANK YOU! I thought it was funny. After all, Doug is a tough act to follow. Both Mike and Doug were excited to talk about the opportunities in the Rochester area. Furthermore, advising the audience to explore and enjoy something new. While simultaneously actually learning how to, amongst other things, blacksmith and weld. There are all kinds of unique and interesting classes and workshops offered locally at Rochester Arc and Flame Center.

Potential pieces of art just waiting to be transformed!

Krupnicki had several examples of cold raw steel. As well as tinted glass samples. All of which Krupnicki called “potential pieces of art just waiting to be transformed” Next, he showed form to finish. A bottle opener! Nice! (impact weapon, wink wink). A Damascus steel knife. Nice! (it can keal!) Also, several glass figurines. Lastly, a grand finale of examples. Various forms of metal and glass that were artistically formed into real works of art. Hence, realizing that just like the art that we practice (MK), the possibilities here are endless. All and all very creative stuff. Therefore, I myself must and will have to attend one of their workshops in the near future!

The entire event was family friendly

Children were able to join Doug up on stage for a quick lesson on what we call the “ABCs of striking. Doug led the children with the use of light sabers. Smiles everywhere, hence, the force was with them! Once again, Doug was able to take something that is usually shown and taught to hurt and present it in a way where it serves to heal. It’s message, reflected in our motto “Its not how many you can hurt, its how many you can protect” and sometimes that protection comes in the form of brotherhood and community or a son or daughter looking at their parent as a hero.

Notable Mentions

Season 4 | January 10, 2017 marks the beginning of a brand new season of Forged in Fire!

The RocAFC offers beginners through advanced classes. Also, checkout the Arcs popular date night  workshop | Rochester Arc and Flame Center.

Special thanks to Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC) for hosting the event. Also special thanks to Tory Hillenbrand, JD, Ross, Gus, Brian K., John Borter and Jesse’s entire family (Love you ma!) for the show of support.

Finally, thanks to everyone else who showed up and supported.

From all of us here at DougMarcaida.com as well as Marcaida Kali, Thank you for your continued support!


As always… Thanks for reading!

Be well, stay safe!  

-Ka Anthony Palmer

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