Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters

Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters

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Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters;

One of my teachers once told me that one should never let the lack of ability to set things right, stop them from doing what is right.

If empty handed, our ability to protect the victim is at a disadvantage. Having a weapon, and knowing how to use it with the right mindset, automatically gives one the confidence and ability to set things right.

All in all, when one questions why Kali, unlike other martial arts, begins its training with the use of bladed and impact weapons, as opposed to other arts which train with empty hands, the answer is because we want to understand the weapon and the attacker’s mindset. The advanced level of development and training in offense in other arts, where weapon training comes later, is the first level in Kali.

All true martial arts masters know the importance of this skill and mindset. Immersed, as they are, in the age-old traditions of their art and conscious of the war-like origins of their teachings, they entertain no illusions about the real purpose of their style, even when recognizing and gladly accepting the restraints imposed by society. What the masters, and they are indeed few, know better than anyone else, therefore, is that no drill, no matter how perfect, can replicate the chaos of real-world combat. Doug Marcaida ~ excerpt from the new 3-volume book series, Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters by Bohdi Sanders, available on Amazon at: or from

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