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FMA stands for Filipino Martial Arts and refers to an ever evolving fighting system orignated in the Philippines, the most popular of which are known as Arnis Eskrima and Kali. Unlike other fighting arts, the FMA practitioner first learns how to defend against and use impact and edged weapons as a beginner and then later uses those angles of the blade for their empty-hand techniques. The practice of using weapons such as the baston (stick) as a tool to learn body mechanics in empty hand applications helps the practitioner to develop a more combative mind set in their martial training.

About Marcaida Kali.

Marcaida Kali is the art we practice. The founder is Kuya Doug Marcaida. Marcaida Kali is heavily based on South East Asian styles. With much of the focus being on the evolution and innovation of the various systems that Kuya Doug Marcaida has studied. It is his personal interpretation that is replicable for his students and the system that we call Marcaida Kali.

If you are interested in training there are a few things to realize. We have very high standards in terms of teaching, training and conduct. We expect that each member of the group takes his or her training seriously. That each person is respectful of the cultural and heritage of the art, as well as the teachers, themselves and other students. Honor and Integrity inside and out of class is completely expected out of all members all of the time. It’s not just about learning the art but what you do and how you carry yourself with it. We have training facilities around the world. Call Anthony for more information on training facilities located here in Rochester NY at 585-615-1553. All other inquiries for an including Seminars, Marcaida Kali facilities outside the United States or Private lessons from Kuya Doug Marcaida can be addressed to Kuya Doug Marcaida at kalisong1@yahoo.com

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