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Anthony Chirico

Anthony is a third-degree black belt, a graphic artist, and a teacher who has turned a life-threatening illness into the motivating power behind his interaction with all people.

He has studied the martial arts for the past 25 years, the last 12 of which have been with Doug Marcaida and Marcaida Kali. As an experienced instructor with an engaging teaching style and strong sense of awareness, Anthony prides himself in staying calm in any situation thrown at him and loves teaching.

When he is not practicing martial arts, he is an artist and works as a custom painter, though to Anthony, Kali is an art too.

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Chris Manns

Chris, in addition to studying Aikido, Wado-Kai, and Isshin Ryu Karate, has been training with Doug since 1997. In addition to teaching with Marcaida Kali around the nation and the globe, Chris has instructed at Philippine Force Reconnaissance Marine Battallion, Philippine Special Action Forces of the National Police, and Philippine Aviation Security Group.

Chris prides himself on giving back to fellow members of the armed forces, and knows first-hand the value of having the tools of self-defense at your disposal in the situations that soldiers and first responders face daily.

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Jesse Landes

Jesse first started doing Kali in 2005, and his time at Marcaida Kali has changed his life for the better. He always says that training with Doug and the other members of Marcaida Kali has helped him work to improve both his physical and mental health, as well as his confidence in all aspects of life and strives to help others achieve the same in their own lives too.

Jesse has found that martial arts offers many opportunities, and that he has been able to take the time to figure out which styles of both teaching and learning have been best for him. Priding himself on taking the time to learn which teaching methods work best for students, Jesse is an excellent teacher at the Marcaida Kali school in Rochester.

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Haris Samothrakis

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