Aku Strike Mimic T-16 LED Trainer Knives


Introducing the Aku Strike Mimic T-16 LED Trainer Knife. These training knives promote realism training with instant visual and audible feedback via an LED.

*Europe – we can No longer Ship (Aku-Strike) to Europe.
Aku-Strike was recently informed that they need a CE certificate to offer Aku-Strike for sale in the European Union. (Aku-Strike) will also need to apply for a recycle permit to dispose of electrical equipment when discarded. This entails signing an agent in Europe to represent Aku-Strike. As soon as we get this sorted out we will again offer for sale Aku-Strikes to European countries. We are sorry for any disappointment this causes as we desire to abide by all laws and regulations. If visiting the USA, feel free to purchase and take back with you our Aku-Strikes.
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