MK Ultimate Training Combo – Sticks, Swords, Karambits & Straight Blades


Everything you need to maximize your training experience. With Aluminum training knives and swords you can get a more realistic respect to your martial training as opposed to flimsy or rubbery training knives. They can assist in better understanding of hooking, control, pain compliance and other applications.

  • (2) MK Bolo Training Swords !BOLO OVERALL LENGTH 22.75″BOLO BLADE LENGTH 15.75″
  • (2) Ultimate Training Karambit !
  • (2) Flo Tac Straight Blade Trainer !
  • (2) Rattan Kali Escrima Sticks !
  • *Note the rattan sticks are skinny and dense. Very good quality for training. Roughly 18-25 mm diameter Tahiti Rattan Natural Finish NOT ringed as shown in picture*

All Marcaida Kali training swords and knives are solid aluminum. Smooth, beveled, balanced & polished to a brilliant finish.

Train Espada Y Daga (Sword & Knife) & learn the ways of the Karambit while training safely with high quality MK Aluminum Trainers.

The MK Aluminum Trainers have a high quality finish and beveled point for a more realistic training experience. Excellent for Martial Artists or Law Enforcement training. Estimated shipping 1-2 weeks.