MK Ultra Kukri Trainer


MK Ultra Kukri Trainer

MK Ultra Kukri Trainer is now available.

Fixed Aluminum Kukri Trainer with optional 550 test Nylon Paracord handle wrap. Amazing quality Gurkha Kukri Aluminum training tool.

Release the Beast!

P.S. Be sure to check out the above link to see what Bob “The Beast” Sapp has to say about the new MK Ultra Kukri!

The MK Ultra Series Kukri and Kukri Folder had made 2017 Knife Collaboration of the Year – FOX Knives MK Ultra (Jason Knight & Doug Marcaida)

No matter what your level of experience, you can train safely with the MK Ultra Kukri Aluminum Trainer.

The MK Ultra Kukri Aluminum Trainer comes with genuine 550 paracord nylon wrap in your Choice of Black, White, Red or Camo.

For the knife collectors and enthusiasts who love and want only the best…