Talon Claw

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Marcaida Kali Talan Claw

Talon Claw

A weapon is only as good as it’s availability in the time of need. Hence, a solution…

The new Marcaida Kali Talon Claw! ..Made to look like the claws found in nature that of the eagle or tiger!

Don’t allow yourself or your loved ones to be caught off guard in an attack.

Especially relevant, to each of us, is the concern for personal protection and/or the protection of our loved ones.

Always be aware of your surroundings is something often heard in martial arts as well as tactical training seminars but, what happens when your caught off guard?

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Here we have a discreet and non-lethal tool that could help aid in some ones self defense. Also, effective in dealing with a sudden sneak or surprise attack. The Marcaida Kali Talon Claw with leather sheath.

  • Fashionable & Discrete
  • Slim and effective self-protection tool (solid metal)
  • Cool design with Marcaida Kali logo
  • Use as Key Chain or wear as Pendant (easily concealable)
  • Comfortable (one size fits all grip)
  • Dull but can be sharpened (by professional)
  • Comes with a genuine Leather Sheath

In conclusion, You could draw upon the claw quickly. Always armed and rather ready and despite the fact that it is cool looking and fashionable it keeps as a highly effective part of your “self-defense tool box” of tools.

The Marcaida Kali Talon Claw.


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